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What’s up FUTURE Legends!? My name is Armon Lindsay, I’m from Rock Hill, SC but now reside in Texas. Upon arriving to Texas I was asked by a friend if I was interested in learning how to make money from my phone! At first I was nervous and skeptical but as I got more information and did some research on Forex and the Foreign Exchange market I fell in love!


I am a full time employee and the goal is to leave the corporate world in six months! I guess you can say retire but retiring is dollar amount not age! Forex is doing exactly that, helping me add to my dollar amount!


I have been trading for a year and half and invested a lot of time and energy to my craft and want to be able to help and mentor others while making a game changing decision! It’s not easy learning how to navigate a 7.2 trillion dollar market. With the Legend Academy course you can and will!


So hop in, buckle up and enjoy the ride to freedom with your very own FTMO funded leader and founder of Legend Academy!

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